RARE 2002 Piper Heidsieck

I tasted this champagne on a Sunday morning still under the emotions of the longest day of the year. A good champagne needs attention and I respect this ritual all the times. I tasted it in the garden, after a yoga session with all my senses awaken, in the middle of the summer surrounded by aromas of lavender, oregano and roses.

By Olimpia Plesa Brandhuber

Rare is golden with fine and temperate bubbles. The pearls rise to the top of the glass in delicate columns starting from the bottom of the glass or from its sides. I admire their performance of gracious dance. Champagne is the only wine which perform a show in front of a mindful spectator. A titmouse nesting in my garden sings cip cirip cirip cirip. I sniff the toasty flavors, citrus and flowers in the glass. When I tasted it I could not help crying out: Oooohhhh, what a harmony! An over indulgence for my early and clean palate. A flattering effervescence, complex and intense aromas, round consistency. It is delicate and hides an acidity in a perfect balance: I do not fill it, I do not miss it. It is just there to back up the bouquet, body and effervescence of a 15 years old wine. I wonder what white wine of the same age and value can equal the freshness and elegance of this cuvee? At its age of 15, it is vibrant and fresh with fine aging notes. Rare, elegant, fluid.

I feel pity for the alcohol it has, I wish I could change my ritual of drinking coffee in the morning with champagne at the first hours. I love mornings coffee mania for its savor which gives me pleasure and happiness and less for its stimulating effect. It is a psycho tonic sensation analog to those that champagne has on my mood. But due the unhealthy ingredient of this liquor, mornings with champagne are rare and reserved for holidays.

At dinner, I am myself different and champagne as well, but still magnificent. After I sipped I refused to eat as I was considering my food could not reach the performance of elegance and harmony that RARE is emphasizing. I simply refrained in the favor of champagne.

Rare was voted in 2012 the best champagne by Fine Champagne Magazine. It is an unusual cuvée as it is crafted in a majority of 70% from Chardonnay from Trépail and Villers-Marmery in Montagne de Reims as opposed to the classic Côte des Blancs villages and 30% from Pinot Noir. It was aged more than a decade in the cellar on the lees. It is the bijou prestige cuvée of Piper Heidsieck Champagne House bottled with a golden tiara specially designed by Parisian jewelry designer Arthus Bertrand to emphasize its preciousness.

I wish you a week as effervescent and harmonious as this champagne !

Olimpia Pleșa Brandhuber
OPiA Celebrate Champagne

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