Olga Petroff is an editorial designer and photographer based in Dubai, currently working as Art Director for a monthly lifestyle magazine. With an extensive experience in designing magazines, she has launched eight magazines, redesigned other seven titles and created over 500 covers (even a hand stitched one).
“I’m trying to keep a balance in my life somehow to compensate many hours sitting in front of a computer with long walks outdoor, in lonely and remote places, far from the noise and crowed city, where’s no one around, no signal on my phone, no emails. Here, it is so quiet, I could hear my own thoughts and life gets a complete different rhythm. 
It feels relief somehow to find myself in such vast space, to embrace the true and unpredictable nature, to be surrounded by it, in any of its form. It induce a kind a modesty in me, it makes me feel small and these are my moments of true freedom and peace. Here I can lose myself only to find myself.
However, the intention was not to document these places in any ways, if unconsciously I was documenting something, probably were my own emotions. 
I captured these photos aiming to try to remember my experiences in relation with specific place and time”.
The Hajar Mountains are the highest in the eastern Arabian peninsula. This majestic mountain chain with breathtaking slopes, sharp jagged rocks and deep gorges extends for 500km from the eastern United Arab Emirates to Oman.
Considered a geologist’s paradise, here layers of earth occur which normally lie much deeper and most diverse types of stone can be found, from limestone to prehistoric oceanic crust and volcanic rock – the impressive display of spectacular rock formations intrigues even casual travellers. Hajar means ‘stone’ or ‘rock’ and the range is well known as “The Stony Mountains”.

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