A study conducted on the SmartDreamers (www.smartdreamers.ro) platform revealed the companies and candidates’ perspectives upon the recruitment process. 85% of companies stated it is difficult to find candidates, while 79% of candidates said it is difficult to find a job.

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What are the most important conclusions drawn from the study conducted between the 1st and the 31st of March 2017?

  • 49% of companies believe it is difficult to find the right candidates
  • 41% of candidates affirm it is difficult to find a job to meet their expectations
  • 41% of companies have a career webpage, and the application process lasts around 5 minutes in almost 63% of the cases.
  • 59% of candidates use their smartphone or another mobile device when looking for a job opening, however, only 54.5% apply using such a device.
  • 78% of companies hired last year between 0 and 80 employees. This year, the number of hires remains constant, with a slight increase to 81 – 160 hires in the companies which aim to grow the number of employees.
  • Finding the right candidates is the main problem recruiters face, and the quality of the applications is found to be one of the top challenges for the next 5 years.
  • 16% of companies have an HR department formed of 1 to 3 employees. Nevertheless, in 24.32% of the companies, the HR department exceeds 6 employees.

Qualified personnel deficit

Is it difficult to find candidates these days? A high percentage of companies, 85.49%, stated that it is indeed. On referring to the Employer Branding, 46% of companies stated that their employer brand is not competitive on the market.

What are the candidates’ opinions?

How difficult it is to find a job? We asked our respondents how much effort it takes to find a job that meets one’s expectations and qualifications. Around 79% responded affirmative to the question mentioned earlier. Some of the causes that lead to such critical situations are: lost interest in the job because of the lack of feedback from the companies (50.16%) and an insufficient number of job openings adapted to candidates’ previous work experience (45.57%).

The study has been conducted in March 2017, on a sample of 111 companies and 788 candidates from CEE. The error was plus – minus 3% on the entire sample.

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