The gates of the Bergenbier beer factory in Ploiești will open on September 30, 2017 for those who register at and want to discover how beer is brewed in Ploiești. You can register for the tours organised by the Factory both online, and by phone, by calling: 021 27 23 206, regular rate number; bus transport to and back from the factory is provided for Bucharest and Ploiești.    

We are proud to gladly welcome our visitors at the Bergenbier factory in Ploiești every year on the occasion of the OpenDoors Day. Because we know that they are the ones who appreciate us for the work and the products we manufacture here. We invite them to join us and discover the process of making beer, and to know the amazing people at the factory, those who brew their favourite beer”, Marius Pîrvu, manager of the Bergenbier Ploiești Factory said.

The tours during the OpenDoors Day will give visitors an opportunity to move step by step through all stages of beer brewing, and see all the details of how beer is made. The Bergenbier factory in Ploiești is one of the most modern beer production operations in Europe, and the master talent of the Romanian brewers is recognized internationally. The Bergenbier Factory in Ploiești brews local beer, as well as German, Belgian or Czech beer under license.

Six brands of beer source from the Bergenbier Factory in Ploiești, each of them brewed according to a proprietary recipe: Bergenbier, with its entire assortment – Non-AlcoholicBergenbier, Bergenbier Fresh Grapefruit, Bergenbier Fresh Lemon, Bergenbier Fresh Grapefruit Non-Alcoholic,Bergenbier ALE, Noroc, Staropramen, Beck’s, Stella Artois, Stella Artois Non-Alcoholic and Löwenbräu.

Attendants at the OpenDoors Day 2017 will enjoy a visit full of surprises at the Bergenbier Factory. They will have the opportunity to take a step into the world of true refreshment with Bergenbier; they will play the Staropramen draft piano, and they will experience virtual reality with Beck’s. Furthermore, they will witness the nine steps of the ritual of pouring the Stella Artois beer, and they will delight in the food prepared by Noroc.

The tours at the Bergenbier Factory on the occasion of the 2017 OpenDoors Day are free of charge, based on registration online at or by phone at 021 27 23 206, normal call rate, within the working hours Monday – Friday 09:00-16:30. Only people aged 18+ can attend the tours.


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