Kaufland Romania has teamed up with local celebrity Chef Foa and nutritionist Cristian Mărgărit to launch a new range of seven-minute ready-meals.

Inspired by the newest culinary tastes, Kaufland says that the recipes are ideal for people who want to eat healthy and tasty meals, anytime and anywhere.

The products are free from preservatives, colourings and added flavours, and have a shelf life of up to seven days.

The ‘7 Minutes’ range, currently available in Kaufland stores in Bucharest, consists of six ready-to-cook, meals, including tabbouleh, Mexican salad with beans, chilli with meat and rice, chicken salad with sweet and sour sauce, blue cheese cream with nuts and roasted vegetables, and turkey breast with wok-fried vegetables.

” 7 Minutes means quality, clean, well-prepared ingredients, to give us all the nutrients we need,” said nutritionist Cristian Mărgărit.

He added that the 7 Minutes range includes “combinations of ingredients that cover the nutritional spectrum and meet the requirements of the modern way of life, reflected in the choices of those interested in eating tasty, healthy food.”

Through this project, Kaufland Romania continues with its strategic approach of collaborating with Romanian producers and investing in initiatives that support the development of both local producers and of Romanian products.

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