Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) launches today Gran Turismo Sport, one of the most anticipated games this year, for the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro exclusively.

The latest title in the series created by Polyphony Digital Inc. comes with extraordinary graphics, possible due to the superior processing power offered by PS4 and PS4 Pro systems, and it reinvents the way gamers experience racing games. For the first time in a history of nearly 20 years of the Gran Turismo franchise, in GT Sport players can create an online career, compete with real opponents, and thus they will be just one step away from becoming champions in Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). 

Gran Turismo Sport easily combines art and technology, bringing the true car simulator to the highest level of fidelity with state-of-the-art technologies such as 4K and HDR, all at 60 frames per second. Polyphony Digital Inc. did not focus only on graphics, but accurately recreated the way the machines behave on the circuit, so the demarcation line between reality and virtual becomes subtle.

With photorealistic graphics, a native integration with the PlayStation VR and an advanced matchmaking system, Gran Turismo Sport offers to gamers the most realistic gaming experience and redefines racing games.

This year, gamers will be able to go from the streets of Tokyo, to the iconic Nurburgring circuit and to the heaviest rally tracks. Gran Turismo Sport provides 17 circuits, with over 40 track variants, and over 150 faithfully recreated cars, from everyday cars to cars with hundreds horsepower and up to concept cars.

Key Specifications:

• Graphical fidelity – compatible with the latest technologies, including 4K, HDR, Wide Color

• Sports Mode – advanced search mode for opponents based on their own level of experience, as proposed by the FIA

• Arcade Mode – racing against virtual gamers, with the ability to set your own rules, including lobbying for gaming sessions with friends

• Livery Editor – Customize the exterior of the car with an infinite selection of elements

• Scapes – the virtual shooting of any GT Sport car in over 100 exotic destinations around the globe, with absolute control over settings such as dynamic lighting, aperture and focal length

• Support for PS VR – Gran Turismo Sport integrates a new VR Tour mode that allows players to view the inside of the car at a 360o angle and to compete against the AI, choosing from over 140 car models for all the circuits of the game.

Gran Turismo Sport is available from October 18, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, and it is compatible with the PlayStation VR system.

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