Facilitec Romania (www.facilitec.ro), part of the Spanish group Mantor, leader on the facility and property management market in Romania, provides the facility management services for Amber Gardens, the first green houses luxury residential complex in Romania.

Amber Gardens includes 50 luxury individual green villas and has a green playground, a tennis and a basket court, as well as a recharging station for the electric cars. The complex is situated in Otopeni-Tunari area and, currently, out of the 32 families that have opted for a villa, 14 of them already live there.

Facilitec provides Amber Gardens with a wide range of services, including property management, administration, security, cleaning and maintenance.

„We are very honoured to be partners in such a innovative project as Amber Gardens, which received the first ¨Green House¨ certification in Bucharest, awarded by The Romanian Green Building Council (RoGBC)”, states Diego Stuyck, managing partner of Mantor Group.

The Amber Gardens houses have a high energy performance level, with a 90% decrease in the energy consumption in comparison to a conventional house. It is estimated a 50.000 euro cost amortization in 20 years.

¨Following a successful collaboration with Facilitec on our three last projects, we will be discussing to extend our collaboration to 2 new luxury residential projects Alesonor will develop in the immediate future. One project with exclusive apartments in the area of Dorobanti and one more project with Green Luxury Homes in the North part of the city”, states Alex Skouras, managing partener of Alesonor.

The Amber Gardens project won the first place at the renowned competition “Bucharest Architectural Annual” and holds multiple awards for design and environment responsibility.

Established in Romania in 2007, Facilitec was bought in 2015 by three Spanish partners and integrated in the Mantor Group. Facilitec provides property & facility management services for luxury residential projects, commercial projects and office buildings. The company’s portfolio includes more than 20 projects, and has a a turnover of 1.000.000 EUR.

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