The Spanish Group Mantor (, an active player on the constructions market in Romania, manages the restoration of the historical builduing „Mița Biciclista” situated in Piața Amzei. The investment is up to 4,5 milion euros and the work is estimated to be finished by the spring of 2018.

“In the process of consolidation and restoration of the building, a significant part of the rooftop and the inside fireplaces with hystorical value have been preserved. The roof trusses and the walls have been consolidated in the whole house and the woodwork of the memorial objects has been totally restored, with a 50% recovery of the original parquet in the main building. Moreover, the building envelope was performed for the whole monument, including the wooden structures”, explains Tomás Manjón, co-fondator Mantor Group.

„It is a complex project that required changes on the go and the involvement of a big team that included both the general contractor, the architectural designer and the structure engineer, as well as one architect assistant, along with specialized architects, deisgners, sculptors, restorers and many other specialised workers that succeeded in taking the project to the actual phase”, states Francisco Calleja, representative of ASEMER.

Mița Biciclista House was built in Piața Amzei at the begining of the 20th century in the Art Nouveau style, following a project of the well known architect Nicolae C. Mihăescu. The building, declared a baroque architectural monument, was first rehabilitated in 1980 and remained a symbol of the Bucharest city due to the reputation of Mrs. Maria Mihăescu, a well-known courtesan of those times and the first woman in Bucharest to ride a bycicle, acording to several journalistic sources.

Mantor is a group of companies founded by 3 Spanish partners (Tomás Manjón, Diego Stuyck, David Tortosa) in 2015. In Romania, the group has 4 divisions: Real Estate Development ( ), General Contractor (, Interior Design (, Property and Facility Management (

MANTOR portfolio: Stejarul student campus, the restoration project of Mița Biciclista Building, the extention of the production units of Plastipak Urlați, Docenților apartments builduing and Trastevere residential complex.

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