Premier Capital, McDonald’s licencee partner in six European countries, plans to invest EUR 10 million in digital innovations in order to improve their clients’ experience in both their restaurants, but also on mobile.

By the end of this year, over EUR 4.5 million will be invested in the implementation of the integrated operating platform in 50 new open or existing restaurants in the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Greece, Malta and Romania. The integrated operating platform combines the control system of cash registers, the digital control system and the payment system with the new preparation processes in the kitchen, to improve the experience and interaction of their customers in and with McDonald’s restaurants.

Currently, Premier Capital operates 136 restaurants with over 7 000 employees – only in 2016, over 105 million customers visited the McDonald’s restaurants in the group.

This year, three new restaurants have been opened in Greece, Lithuania and Romania, and by the end of the year 2017, another 5 restaurants will be opened in Lithuania, Romania and Malta.

” Innovation is the most important element in business growth for the Premier Capital team. We are leading the quick service restaurants market in Romania, we have just opened a new restaurant in Bacău in early September with great results, our expansion plans are ambitious and we will prepare many pleasant surprises for our customers. We are increasingly moving towards the digital environment – we are encouraged by the 230.000 downloads of the McDonald’s mobile app – and we are constantly working to improve customer experience in our restaurants, said Daniel Boaje, General Manager of Premier Restaurants Romania

The implementation of the new digital integration platform takes place across the whole McDonald’s restaurant chain, being a part of an ambitious plan to open new restaurants.

Between 2018 and 2019, the Premier Capital group will invest EUR 5.5 million to implement the new operating system in at least 65 of the existing and new restaurants. Thus, the 34 McDonald’s restaurants in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will be reorganized with the new operating system by the end of the year 2018.

The new platform’s implementation will end in 2021, when the group will count 200 restaurants that will work by means of the new integration platform.

”Innovation changes all the interactions between McDonald’s and our customers”, states Victor Tedesco, general Manager of Premier Capital. ”Our plans are strongly linked to the desire of constant innovation, and everything we do is based on providing a unique experience to our customers. The whole Premier Capital team shares the same vision – we analyze every detail of the experiences we provide to our customers, in order to maintain our leadership in the field in which we operate, in order to continue growing our business and to bring our customers closer and closer”.

Digital communication and the McDonald’s mobile app

Premier Capital closely follows McDonald’s Corporation strategy to meet their customers’ needs and behaviour, particularly with regard to digital communication.

An example is the McDonald’s mobile app, which was so far launched in the Baltic countries, Romania and Greece, and is due to be launched in Malta in 2018. About EUR 0.4 million are dedicated to the development of mobile communication within the group.

The app provides its users with restaurant maps, news regarding the menu, events, QR code activations and consumer loyalty programmes. In the medium term, the app is going to have new features, such as app orders for Drive-Thru restaurants and mobile payment, along with periodic updates.

In Romania, the McDonald’s mobile app has been downloaded 80.000 times in the first month after its launch, and currently has 230.000 downloads. In the Baltic countries, the app is downloaded by approximately 11.000 users monthly, and up to now has 230 000 downloads.

Last but not least, the application has also been launched in Greece at the beginning of this year, and it has 32.300 downloads to date.

Premier Capital plc is the development licencee for McDonald’s in Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania. Its current network of 136 restaurants includes several McDrive and McCafe operations, serving more than 105 million customers a year thanks to a staff complement of more than 7,000 people.


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