București Mall Vitan launched on Friday, the 17th of November, the first Kendama exhibition in Romania, all belonging to renowned singer CRBL. Open until the 3rd of December, the exhibition displays more than 550 kendama toys, in the fountain area, level -1.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see an outstanding collection of several types of the Japanese toy including: kendamas, pills, jumbo pills, loopers, rollin pills, pendamas, ringdamas, bilboquets and voudama dolls.

The most valuable piece in the artist’s collection is a Mugen Musou – Keyaki japanese kendama worth more than 200 euro.  The artist confesses however, that King Dama, Basketball 3×3 is the toy that he is most attached to. It is the first model of the brand that he founded – King Dama.

CRBL, who is a Kendama ambassador in Romania, has developed a passion for these Japanese game that he has been collecting them for eight years now. He now has one of the most impressive collections of this kind.

The București Mall exhibition is insured for 30,000 euro and is available to the public until December 3rd.

According to statistics, over 200,000 original kendamas were bought in Romania in 2017.

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