Brico Depôt launches its first catalog in 2018, “Heating and comfort in the new year!”, specially designed for professionals and amateurs in construction, interior and exterior projects which are looking for the most practical solutions in the cold season. Thus, customers can quickly and easily choose the products that best fit their needs from a detailed themed catalog, valid from January 20 to February 15.

Comfort for every room

The new catalog includes a complete range of heating solutions presented according to their destination in the living space. The Brico Depôt proposals include the 1,500W convector, but also fireplaces or stoves for the livingroom area, or heating products for the kitchen and bathroom.

The offer is complemented by a wide range of fix and mobile radiators, gas-fired condensing heating systems. For all of this, Brico Depôt also recommends consumables along with the right accessories, thus helping to facilitate the selection of desired products.

Season-specific car maintenance products and practical snow removal solutions

The winter season also requires increased attention to the smooth operation of personal vehicles, so drivers can find in the Brico Depôt catalog the ideal accessories for this period: various types of scrapers, antifreeze and windscreen defrosting solutions.

The catalog also includes a series of recommendations for cleaning out snow from the yard or alleys, such as turn-key snow mowers, or salt in 3 and 25 kilograms packages.

Light, the key factor in the winter months

Those looking for a suitable light source for their home can find inspiration in the dedicated section. The catalog also includes a guide for choosing the right type of bulbs, starting from the socket type, the desired brightness and shade of light, to manufacturing technology (LED, halogen or fluorescent, explaining the benefits). Customers will also be able to choose from a wide range of lighting fixtures, functional or specially designed to fit each style of interior design.

Most construction professionals and amateurs are already starting to plan their projects – in the dedicated section, they will find the products needed for each stage of their work, such as motorcycles, plasterboard, electrical or measuring tools.

In order to provide customers with the best start at the beginning of a new project, Brico Depôt offers a variety of payment options, including up to 24 interest-free rates through partner financial institutions. Also, with the Brico Depôt card, they benefit from a number of perks, such as 90 days for returning products without a tax receipt, fast invoicing and home delivery, according to rules.

The new catalog can be consulted free of charge in electronic format on, in the Brico Depot app, available on Appstore and Google Play, as well as in Brico Depôt stores.

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