At the beginning of 2018, the Spanish group Mantor has announced the start of a new interior finish project, for some of the villas from Oxford Gardens, one of the most known luxury residential ensembles in Bucharest.

Located in the northern area of Bucharest, close to American School, the Oxford Gardens Residential Complex covers an area of 168,935 sqm near Baneasa Forest. The complex includes 204 villas, of which only 85 are fully finished.

Mantor Group will handle the finishing works for 6 of the villas, for a 500,000 euros investment.

“Being part of the premium real estate segment, where the demands are very high, this project is perfect for Mantor and our expertise. On average, we have a 2-month term to bring the villa from grey to red, and another 2 months to complete the finishing works, “said Tomas Manjon, Managing Partner of Mantor.

This project will be completed in approximately 3 years starting this year, the completion term being different for each individual property. The cost of a fully finished property will start at 1,000 euros / sqm.

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