• The Turist Pass is an employee benefit that employers can use to motivate and retain talents in the competitive labor market of Romania
  • Employees can receive up to 11.400 RON for holidays each year; the amount is 100% deductible for the company
  • The Turist Pass holiday card can be used for purchasing touristic packages from a large dedicated network of hotels, guest houses and travel agencies from Romania

 One of the challenges faced by HR specialists is selecting the best solutions for motivating and rewarding employees. In a highly competitive and dynamic labor market, extra-salary benefits are essential in choosing the job because they contribute to ensuring a balance between personal and professional life.

„The holiday card Tourist Pass stimulates the consumption of local tourism and the users are going to discover dream destinations from Romania. Whether employees prefer to go to the mountains, by the sea or in city-breaks, I am certain that they will come back to the office with the batteries recharged, after spending quality time with their loved ones. I believe that engaged employees contribute to delivering high quality services for their customers, increasing the profit of the company. In 2017, holiday vouchers have been among the most used extra-salary benefits and they have been offered especially by those working in the goods distribution industry, energy, transportation, FMGC and auto fields”, declared Sven Marinus, CEO Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services Romania.

Turist Pass Card: the first step for a much desired holiday

The contactless holiday card Turist Pass is issued under the MasterCard International license and it benefits from the CIP and PIN technology. The holiday vouchers are issued both on digital and paper format and they can be used in parallel for purchasing accommodation services, meals, leisure activities and treatment from the largest dedicated network of hotels, guest houses and travel agencies.

The list of available destinations can be easily identified by using the mobile app Card Sodexo Romania, the same app already used by the meal card consumers. Turist Pass can be used in Sodexo’s partner locations, which have a POS terminal and are authorized by the Ministry of Tourism. The app is also a handy tool for keeping track of the balance and of the transaction history.  Furthermore, the users of the app Card Sodexo Romania can benefit from special deals offered by some of the partner locations.

The Romanian vouchers industry has come a long way in terms of diversifying the services and digitalizing the system and the employees, especially those from the new generation are appreciating this trend. Offering a salary package which includes diverse extra-salary benefits increases the chances of reaching recruitment and brand employer goals. A company which contributes to creating a balance between the personal and professional life of employees, by offering a benefit which is supporting financially the holidays, increases the chances of employing the best candidates on the market and of motivating those who are already part of the company”, added Sven Marinus.

Benefits for employee and employer

Holiday vouchers on digital format are a modern and advantageous motivating tool: the logistical effort of personally distributing the vouchers is eliminated and they are 100% deductible. They are highly appreciated, especially in the phase of planning the holidays, thanks to the special deals and to the generous list of potential destinations.  Unlike in the case of offering the same net amount of money, the company saves 37% of the budget allocated to the employee.

The amount of money deposited on the Turist Pass card is valid for a year and the employer can deposit money several times. This benefit can be offered both to employees working in the private system, which can receive up to 11.400 RON yearly and to those working in public institutions. The public institution can offer holidays vouchers to the employees between July 1st 2017 and Nov 30th 2018. The latter can be rewarded with up to 1.450 RON every year for holiday.



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