NETOPIA Payments, the largest electronic payment processor in Romania, launches version 2.0 of the mobilePay Wallet application.

With the new version, merchants will be able to more easily accept payments made with mobilePay Wallet by scanning a QR code available at checkout or secured payment page. The company estimates an increase of over 50% in the number of users with the release of the new version.

The new mobilePay Wallet version offers users an intuitive menu, a more appealing interface, and new features. Also, in this release, app partners can make customized offers available only to customers who pay with mobilePay Wallet. In addition to Visa and Mastercard debit or credit cards, which could be added to the app from the previous version, users can now add loyalty cards from various merchants in the market.

NETOPIA data shows that mobilePay Wallet users choose to pay the most in the online environment by scanning the QR code on the pay-out page of over 4,000 partner merchants. Online transactions account for over 45% of total payments. The second place is to pay direct bills from the app, with 25%, followed by Scan & Pay payments in physical stores (Carrefour, Selgros, Cora, Chopstix), which account for almost 10% of total transactions. Purchases of public transport tickets directly through mobilePay Wallet represent over 15%, the city with the largest percentage being Cluj-Napoca.

“The new version of the application is addressed to the modern, informed consumer who wishes to spend time other than waiting for queues at banks, completing forms online or staying for hours at the counter. We want version 2.0 to reach as many users as possible, ease payment process and replace classic wallet. Moreover, our clients can now benefit from the discounts of loyalty cards, being enough to open the application, access the loyalty area and present the card to the merchant in whose store it is, “says Antonio Eram, CEO and founder of NETOPIA.

According to company data, the average amount of transactions made through mobilePay Wallet is 102.4 lei. Most of the payments made through the app are those for online invoices, taxes and taxes, followed by payment for orders for delivery of food, tickets for events, air tickets or maintenance costs. Netopia mobilPay is the largest electronic payment processor on the local market, a 100% Romanian company. More than 4,000 merchants use NETOPIA services and solutions: mobile payments, sms, card, cash and Bitcoin transactions.

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