More than 10,000 co-branded credit cards eMAG – Raiffeisen Bank under the Mastercard logo were issued in the 6 months since the launch of this eMAG financial product.

The card can be used to make purchases, including interest-free rates, and offers a flexible payment method tailored to the needs of each user. In addition, each acquisition rewards clients with eMAG loyalty points. Currently, 93% of the total number of online transactions paid through the eMAG card from Raiffeisen Bank are made in interest-free installments, which confirms the increased interest of users in this shopping finance facility.

“Analyzing the evolution of the co-branded eMAG card – Raiffeisen Bank, we see a growing customer interest in dedicated financial products, which is suited to their financing needs, which also adds a fidelity reward element. In addition to the extended rate-of-interest rates that offer the opportunity to make high value shopping without putting pressure on family budgets, we see that loyalty points cause customers to use this card for any acquisition on eMAG. Thus, we want to continue to offer new benefits to our clients, “said Mircea Balica, Payments Platform Manager.

Regardless of the total amount of purchases, every payment made with this card, users are rewarded with up to 10% of the value of the ordered products in the form of loyalty points that can be used for subsequent orders. In the six months since the launch of this facility, eMAG and Raiffeisen Bank offered over 100,000 euros as eMAG loyalty points.

“We are enjoying the evolution of this co-branded card in the first six months of launch. Customers have received a quality product they appreciate and as a result they use it as often as they need. Currently, with these cards, customers make up 20% more transactions on average, and the average is 80% higher than standard credit cards. The Raiffeisen eMAG partnership brings multiple benefits to consumers and facilitates the purchase of goods and services, and such collaborations for the benefit of customers will be a priority for Raiffeisen Bank. In addition to interest-free rates and loyalty points at eMAG, customers also receive points in the Multishop program for transactions with Raiffeisen Bank merchant partners, which they can then use for future shopping.

“The eMAG co-branded card – Raiffeisen Bank issued under the Mastercard logo demonstrates, just six months after launch, that it is a successful product and its evolution can only be enjoyed, all the more so as Mastercard is the market leader in the credit card segment in Romania. Through this product, together with our partners, we are again demonstrating the many benefits of card payment: we offer both the advantages of a loyalty program and an improved payment experience to buyers that get rid of cash and give them access to payments more secure, simpler and faster, “said Catalin Calota, Account Manager, Mastercard Romania.

The card is issued free of charge, and in order to obtain it, clients can apply on or, or can go to any Raiffeisen Bank agency.

If the customer chooses to get this card online, he will be contacted for signing the required documents by a bank representative, which helps the client save time and not make additional roads in Raiffeisen Bank units.
The eMAG Card – Raiffeisen Bank can be used to make purchases anywhere in the world with 0% transaction fee for payments to any merchants and 0% commission for cash withdrawals at any Raiffeisen Bank ATM. Also, interest-free purchases can be made from eMAG, from over 10,000 eMAG partners in Marketplace, as well as from all over 3,000 locations of Raiffeisen Bank merchant partners, part of the Multishop program, which groups all significant traders from Romania

Amounts spent on eMAG can be repaid in 3, 6 or 12 interest-free installments. Samsung products can be paid in 24 interest-free installments. In addition, customers can opt to make full payment, benefiting from a grace period of 56 days without interest. Regularly, Raiffeisen organizes campaigns with eMAG or partner merchants in the Multishop program, which offers an extended rate of interest-free rates (up to 60), which facilitates the acquisition of high-value goods (electronics, furniture, holidays, etc.).

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