Summer is here and you know that no matter what hues or fabrics are trendy this season, a beautiful tan will always be in vogue. Trends change every year, but good taste and elegance will never be obsolete.

In 2018 trends go on two different paths, giving you the opportunity to choose whatever suits you best. One direction goes towards a lively, strong palette, while the other goes towards pastel nuances, for a diaphanous beauty. Feminine, stylish, romantic, mysterious, delicate, entrancing – there is a nuance for every woman. The trendiest colours this summer are lavender, purple, rapture rose, sky blue, light green, military green, milk white, chocolate brown, yellow, tomato red. Many shades to choose from, but all of them look better on a tanned skin.

By Georgiana Florentina Dogaru

You want to look pretty no matter what you wear, so getting tanned is on your action list this summer. Exposure to sun gives you an attractive colour, but skin cancer is not sexy at all, so you have to be protected against the harmful effect of the ultraviolet (UV) rays. Dermatologists warn us about the effects that sun rays could have on us, so it’s very important to choose a sunscreen adequate for your skin type. Even if the colour will not be the dark brown that you dream of, health is more important and it should be your priority. After all, beauty comes from within and a sharp mind is more attractive than a perfect skin.

Ancient civilizations used plants to protect their skin from the sun. Ancient Greeks used olive oil and ancient Egyptians used extracts of rice, jasmine and lupine. It’s been well known for thousands of years that the sun can damage the skin cells, so don’t underestimate the importance of sunscreen. The magic in the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is the fact that it doesn’t allow the sun’s burning rays to get through to the skin and burn you. You must choose the SPF that is right for you, based on your skin type. If your skin is very fair and sensitive, it burns very easily and almost never tans, then you need to be very careful and use a sunscreen with SPF 30-50+. If your skin complexion is light, it burns moderately but you tan eventually, after a few days on the beach or by the pool, the recommended SPF for you is 15-30. If your skin complexion is medium, it burns minimally and tans very well, you are a lucky girl. The right SPF for you is 6-15. If your skin is dark or very dark, almost never burns and becomes pigmented very easily, you are the luckiest. The recommended SPF for you is 2-10. You don’t have to be very worried about getting burnt, but still you need protection against UV.

Gerovital and Elmiplant are two traditional Romanian brands that can help you fight with the UV. They have a wide range of beach products and you can choose the one that is adequate for you. Both these brands use natural ingredients coupled with the latest innovations, so you can be sure that your skin is in good hands. Sunscreen absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation, thereby protecting against sunburn. It also slows the development of wrinkles and helps fight against skin cancer. In the heat, the skin dehydrates. Because of that, the lines become deeper and more visible, so preventing dehydration is another important step if you want a beautiful tan. Drink a lot of water and make the sun your friend, not your enemy. You don’t want a tanned skin full of wrinkles.

Always remember that health is beauty. Investing in your health should be a priority, and the return on investment will be very rewarding: beauty, energy and happy smiles. Enjoy the sun this summer, but don’t forget to protect your skin. That way, you will have a healthy, beautiful tan and you won’t look as if you’ve just been boiled. Health is sexy and sunscreen should be on your shopping list if you are planning to put some colour on your skin this season.

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