The 13th edition of IKEA Romania and the 68th Worldwide Catalog celebrates life at home and invites us to look at the largest “open house”.

The new IKEA catalog has a different structure than previous years. First, the cover has a new design and includes a white frame inspired by the IKEA catalogs of the 1980s. Then the content of this edition focuses on seven houses, each with new stories and inspiration for everyday life: couples different ages, large families and small families who live with their apartment colleagues or people living alone in very small spaces.

“At IKEA, we want to bring ideas and inspiration that fit the choices of most people. Therefore, this year we have created complete interiors and have moved away from the concept of individual rooms so far presented in the catalog,” says Theodor Nica, Communication and Interior Design Manager IKEA Băneasa.

To build the 2019 Catalogs, the work began with the IKEA Life at Home Report, which is based on the results of IKEA studies around the world. It has been found that having “too many things” is a big issue for modern lifestyle. Therefore, two of the houses present solutions for organizing objects and memories. Between the seven houses there is a 16 square meter studio and a home dedicated to sustainable lifestyle, all created with IKEA solutions.

In addition to the catalog this year, some of the IKEA limited collections that will be launched in IKEA stores have been announced this year. The new GRATULERA collection was launched on the 75th anniversary of IKEA and brings to stores some of the most popular IKEA products in the 1950-1960s, 1970-1980s and 1990-2000s. The first part of the collection has already arrived, while the next two will be released in October and December respectively.

The IKEA 2019 catalog has approximately 300 pages, translated into 37 languages ​​and distributed in 50 countries in 190 million copies. 

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