After the revolutionary Dialog, presented at the IFA last edition, Miele launches a new premiere in the haute cuisine market this year. The MChef Startup, supported by Miele, has developed the first home delivery service for gourmet menus.

Salmon tartar, marinated shrimp and an on-the-side salad, followed by Hereford beef, gratinated potatoes and vegetable strips, and a tiramisu pyramid and ragout of berries in the desert. It’s not the menu of a luxury restaurant, but a selection of over 16 dishes, including vegetarian, vegan and children’s specialties, which Dialog users can order for their home.

The new Miele gourmet service, developed through the MChef startup, is designed for customers who want the experience of a premium restaurant but in the comfort of their own homes. Specifically, Miele customers who own a Dialog furnace can order online the menus they want, and they will be delivered by a special catering service the next day. All ingredients will be ready to be fed into the oven and the average cooking time is 20 minutes. Additionally, there is no risk of making mistakes because it is enough to place platters in the oven and the baking program is started directly from the MChef mobile app, which includes the perfect settings for each ingredient.

Thus, customers will be able to choose either distinct dishes or complete menus consisting of three dishes.

To complement the premium service, the dishes will be delivered on porcelain plates specially created for the Dialog oven, so this gourmet service is ideal for romantic dinners, family gatherings or even small parties. Finally, the same courier service will take over the dishes used and will return it to the vendor.

And the mode of transport will meet special criteria, the containers will be able to accommodate up to 8 menus, champagne and wine, in four different climate zones, ranging from -18 to +18 degrees Celsius. The food is thus kept fresh for up to 24 hours, and once the recipes are opened, the meals can be stored at the right temperature for 5 days.

” With this business model, MChef adds a new dimension to service and satisfaction, but at the same time it emphasizes the power of innovation behind Miele, a brand that goes beyond the barriers of classical business areas ,” says Dr. Axel Kniehl, Executive Director Manager and Sales of Miele Group.

The new gourmet service will be launched this autumn as a pilot project in the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia and will then expand all over Germany.

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