Oracle Academy has announced new curricular offers and learning modules designed to promote IT education worldwide.

The latest offers place Oracle Academy on a top position in public-private partnerships in education with a diverse range of enhanced and flexible formats that support teachers in computer science teaching, bringing classroom technologies to emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated Learning (ML), and which stimulate students and students with lessons inspired by successful innovators and entrepreneurs.

“As technology innovations play an increasingly important role in the global economy, computer science is becoming an essential component of complete education said Alison Derbenwick Miller, vice president, Oracle Academy. “The new IT courses and learning experiences offered by Oracle Academy are designed to complement this education, open up more opportunities and inspire our new generation of innovators.”

Establishing a new IT education standard for the next generation
Representing a bridge between teacher-based learning and student-driven empirical discovery, Oracle Academy today introduces Oracle Academy Education Bytes. Designed to support customized learning, Education Bytes is flexible, flexible learning modules that provide educational materials centered on concepts and skills in database, software, and automation. Education Bytes can be used on its own or supplementing the Oracle Academy curriculum and provides self-study experiences in areas such as software, SQL, PL / SQL, large data / automatic, R, Hadoop, and more. Education Bytes are compatible with different learning modes and content, available in three formats: Hands-On Labs, Projects and Empirical Projects (Projects and Challenges) and Video Materials and Presentations. (Videos and Presentations).

Last but not least, in collaboration with the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, Oracle Academy has launched a series of video lectures addressed to Oracle Academy institutional partners, which include questions discussed at classroom lessons, and providing personal examples inspired by current activities to successful entrepreneurs in which they tell how their dreams have followed, how they have found the courage to invest and how they have succeeded. Developed for anyone who is an entrepreneur or wants to become, this video lecture includes speeches by executive executives participating in the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, a program that redefines entrepreneurial innovation through partnerships with startups / company-established partnerships cooperation in the field of innovation and development.

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