West Gate office park, owned by Genesis Property, inaugurated the first outdoor pool with runway and rollerblading in Romania, located in an office park, following an EUR 1.5 million investment.

The project is not a commercial investment, but an experience mainly offered to tenant employees that the real estate developer owns in the western part of the capital. The swimming pool and terrace set within the park stretch over an area of ​​5,000 square meters.

“What we are trying to do is to provide office space facilities so that you like working from home, but you’d better like to come to the office. The trend of spending more time at home will increase, but we believe that if we offer more office experiences, it will be more exciting for the human being. Our appreciation is not only for our tenants but also for their employees,” explains Liviu Tudor, chairman and founder of Genesis Property.

The location will not be accessible for those outside the park, but the 8,000 West Park people, as well as the West Gate Studios campus students will benefit from a 50% discount on pool access. The company’s representatives say that it is currently focusing on providing facilities and services, and through this construction extends the range of services proposed to its customers.

“This pool brings a huge plus of the benefits packages already offered by the park companies to their employees. Companies can choose to provide access to the pool as extra benefit and can use the terrace area for meetings or informal meetings,” explained Stefan Tudos, vice president of Genesis Property.

In April of this year, Genesis Property opened a 4-star accommodation unit in the West Gate office park, with the investment amounting to 500,000 euros. Guests at Studio One Accommodation Suites enjoy free access to the pool.

The land on which the West Gate lies is about 20 ha, of which the offices occupy a leasable area of ​​75,000 square meters.

Regarding the future plans of the company, Liviu Tudor says he is planning some projects: “The future belongs to the facilities (…) We will open new spaces for coworking, it is a must-have. Multinationals greatly appreciate the concept of intra-entrepreneurship and would like their relatively tight structures to have in their neighborhood coworking spaces for young and very young entrepreneurs.”

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