The enrollments were opened for the 6th edition of the program dedicated to women who want to start a business, “The Toolkit for Entrepreneurship at the Beginning”, developed by Professional Women’s Network Romania (PWN Romania).

The program dedicated to women who want to start a business was launched in the spring of 2015, with a community of more than 100 graduates, with the most diverse business projects – from agriculture, production and consulting, to online commerce, retail and sports activities. The nearly 30 pro bono lecturers involved in the project and the Pioneer Entrepreneurship team within the association have contributed so far over 500 hours of volunteering to provide participants with a practical and applied learning environment.

“The Toolkit for Entrepreneurship at the Beginning is one of our representative programs that reflects the goal of PWN Romania to support and encourage the rise of women in leadership , either in corporations or in the entrepreneurial area, through the voluntary effort of highly regarded professionals domain,” says Virginia Otel, President of PWN Romania.

Ioana Renţea, Vice-president of the PWN Romania Entrepreneurship Pillar, adds: “We have seen more and more entrepreneurial education programs and programs, and we enjoy this, being beneficial for the health of the Romanian business environment. In our case, we are talking not only about an educational program but about an entire community of entrepreneurship – at the beginning of their journey or in their first years of activity, having access to the know-how and resources of our partners and associations. What began over two years ago with some ideas on a sheet of paper has now become a community with many success stories. Every time we rejoin this project. ”

This entrepreneurial education program includes 12 modules, namely: Entrepreneurship Strategy, Business Plan, Legal Aspects, Financial Management, Personal Brand Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales, Negotiation, Business Financing, Business Leadership and Business Presentation (a final module, where participants can present their own business plan in front of a jury of experienced business people).

More details about the Pillar of Entrepreneurship are available on the Linkedin page and in the movie about the graduate community .

Eligibility and enrollment

In the program, entrepreneurs from the beginning or who are considering the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurial life can participate. For sign-ups, please email an by October 1st.

They will have about 5-6 hours per week of participation, learning, sharing ideas and networking. The program starts on October 2, with the Entrepreneurship Strategy module. Seminars take place between 18.30 and 21.00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Participation costs

For the whole program

  • 400 lei for members of the PWN Romania community
  • 700 lei for non-members

Cost per seminar

  • 50 lei for members of the PWN Romania
  • 75 lei for non-members

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