Christian Tour, the largest charter operator on the local market, with 48 weekly flights this summer, has also decided to enter the city break, boosted by the high demand. Over the last five years the number of tourists has doubled, due to the fact that, in addition to the summer holiday generally reserved for a seaside resort, Romanians are also relaxing in one or two short trips for 2-3 days in a European destination.

“The Romanian tourist’s mentality has changed a lot. If a few years ago he had only one summer holiday, the Romanian one is going on that holiday, which is mostly a seaside destination, but he also plans one- two shorter holidays in European cities. Young people working in corporations have made the tone and their behavior has been copied by other social categories,” said Romina Dumitru, City Breaks project manager at Christian Tour.

Christian Tour’s city break product offers users the opportunity to pack their own holiday by choosing the destination, travel period, airline and desired accommodation. Thus, on the Christian Tour site, tourists will find a button to choose their flight, accommodation and the combination of “flight plus accommodation” to any destination in the world where there is an airport operated by both Romanian direct flights, as well as by stopovers.

On the list of cities of Christian Tour’s offer you can find, among others, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Paris, London, Prague, Vienna, Milan, Brussels, Amsterdam, Florence, Venice, Lisbon, Berlin or Madrid. Thus, tourists can go to Rome this autumn with prices ranging from 198 euros for two nights of accommodation and return air tickets for two adults.

A city break in the French capital, for two people, costs about 400 euros, and in Amsterdam around 480 euros. “The displayed rates have all the taxes included On the site, the booking process is 100% online without the assistance of a travel advisor, paying exclusively with the card, in other words, it is an online implementation that promotes the purchase self-made, but if customers want to interact with a sales agent, they can do it at any of the agency’s headquarters,” says the tour operator’s representative.

Within a maximum of two weeks, in the same search engine on the Christian Tour site, the Experiences section will also be launched, where users will be able to choose and book from over 100,000 experiences available in city-break destinations, experiences they provides the Viator platform, which belongs to TripAdvisor. For example, tourists will be able to purchase culinary tours, cruises, museum entries, etc.

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