Antalya (Turkey) and the Greek islands of Zakynthos and Crete were the most popular destinations this summer, while the top of the countries chosen by the Romanians for the summer holiday is led by Greece, followed by Turkey and by the big surprise of the season, Egypt, shows the review done by Christian Tour, one of the country’s largest tour operators.

The average price of a holiday in Antalya paid by a Romanian was 650-700 euros, while a stay in Egypt cost an average of 550-600 euros. “We can say that 2018 was the year of Turkey, and Antalya was the most sought-after holiday destination. According to statistics provided by Antalya International Airport, by the end of August, more than 10 million tourists from around the world landed here, 25% more than in the same period last year. Approximately 145,000 came from Romania, of which around 35,000 traveled with charters operated by Christian Tour. If we take into account other destinations in Turkey (Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris, Istanbul, Cappadocia), our agency has sent over 50,000 people on holiday this year, figures that exceed the estimates at the beginning of the year,” the general manager of Christian Tour, Cristian Pandel.

This summer, only to Antalya, the tour operator had 17 weekly flights, departing from the main airports in the country, and about half of the tour packages were purchased from the first quarter of the year. As a result of the high demand, the Christian Tour plans for 2019 provide for additional flights to this destination, with 20 flights a week to Antalya with the introduction of new airports, including Baia Mare, Craiova, Bacau and Targu Mures, say company representatives.

“Many Romanians are in a hurry to reserve their holidays in the summer of 2019 either on the agency’s premises or on the site. This is especially to benefit from the conditions of the First minute program, which involves paying holidays, with a 25% sign up fee,” added Cristian Pandel. Romanians who have booked their vacation in the summer of the next year do not just go to Antalya, they also choose packages in Greece.

Besides, this year, Greece has led the top of the countries chosen by the Romanians for the big holiday with almost 80,000 tourists who traveled to this country. Two of the Greek islands also enter the ranking of the most popular destinations this summer after Antalya, namely Zakynthos and Crete. Greece is extremely sought after due to its diversity, both in terms of landscapes and accommodation and transport conditions.

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