All animal lovers say the cats and the dogs they care for are part of the family. But what if we try to offer their own space in our homes? This is the idea from which IKEA designers started when they created LURVIG, an affordable and sustainable range that integrates perfectly into people’s homes.

LURVIG is a collection designed to make our life more beautiful with dogs and cats and will be launched in the IKEA Baneasa store starting October 8th.

Pets are present in more and more homes around the world. For example, 32% of residents in Bucharest and the surrounding area have a pet. Of these, 56% are dog owners and 22% are cat owners.

IKEA wants to offer a range that is relevant to most pet owners, a modular design range with products that integrate naturally into each home at an affordable price. LURVIG is a collection created in collaboration with licensed animal lovers and veterinarians designed to help day-to-day in all aspects of life alongside cats or dogs.

“Today pets are part of the family and are present in more and more homes. When looking at competitors, very few in the market approach this area from the perspective of interior design,” says Peter Bondesson, project leader of the LURVIG collection, IKEA of Sweden.

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