Poker player Daniel Dohotaru was surprised by PokerStars and Betstars and received an unexpected consolation prize, a $ 2,500 attendance package at the European Poker Tour in Prague (7-18 December 2018), even though he failed to defeat the famous Formula 1 pilot, Lewis Hamilton.

Daniel Dohotaru ranked 15th after the Big Race online poker tournament on PokerStars on September 23, with a $ 11.77 win and $ 10 sports bets. Even if he opened his PokerStars account just three days before the tournament, he can be considered lucky twice.

The Big Race tournament game featured added adrenaline to the players, the big winner being named last Sunday with the Formula One Grand Prix of Russia, when the first 20 finalists of the tournament were randomly assigned to the names of the pilots they started the circuit.

Finnish Valtteri Bottas was the avatar for Daniel Dohotaru. He started the race from a good position in the starting grid, but finished second, the first place being awarded by his teammate, Englishman Hamilton.

Bottas’s gesture, which hampered Hamilton’s victory, has not gone unnoticed, and PokerStars and BetStars have decided not to kidnap the Romanian at the chance to spend an unforgettable vacation at one of the most popular poker tournaments in Prague.

“I had lost hope, but now I am very happy. I was disappointed to hear that the rumors about the failure of Hamilton’s victory were confirmed. After all, I conspired and understood that she had a team spirit. I told my wife about the Prague tour and the fact that we could have an interesting experience. Now, after the unexpected news and prize, I can not wait to see his reaction! “, said Daniel,  contacted by the PokerStars team.

The Big Race tournament was attended by 1296 players from 45 countries.

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