The concern for a healthy lifestyle of the 25-35 year-old customer segment has helped to increase the sales of natural products for, a market leader in this segment. Dynamics could also be seen in the increase in mobile orders, which almost doubled, generating a total revenue increase of 40%.

Sales of apiculture and immunization products generate 20% of’s annual sales, and in the fourth quarter sales of these categories increase up to 100% compared to summer months. In total, posted a 40% growth, forecasting 2.5 million euros by the end of the year.

“Taking into account the positive dynamics recorded last year in the last quarter of the year, but also the fact that we estimate that we will keep at least 20% growth over the same period of 2017, the last 3 months of the year will take to over € 2.5 million. Bee products and immunization products account for 20% of total sales, and this segment has a peak in the cold months,” said Mihai Bucuroiu, founder and development director.

Manuka Raw honey and coconut oil remain the best-selling products in the online store in 2018. “Manuka honey and Manuka honey products are the best bet I’ve ever done in relation to a natural product, originally unknown in Romania, 5 years after the introduction of manuka honey products in the portfolio, they generate over 35% of the total sales of bee products,” Bucuroiu said.

The average basket – 150 lei 

The evolution of sales in the first 9 months of the year is also attributable to the attraction of new customers, the number of orders registering a 40% increase, as the value of the average transaction is maintained at 150 lei. Over 60% of clients are women, aged 25-45 years of age, mostly from urban areas. “This year, we have attracted more customers from the 25-35 year-old segment, highly informed people and very interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

“From this perspective, our extensive product documentation efforts prove to be a competitive advantage, along with fast delivery from the stock in 24-48 hours.This segment of the public is predominantly mobile, where we have an increase in the number of transactions by 75% compared to last year. More and more Romanians give up processed foods or chemical ingredients , in favor of the vegan or bio, but to convince them to buy, it takes more than just to list the product on the site. We offer support in placement of orders and complete descriptions of ingredients, nutritional values ​​and product qualities,” added Mihai Bucuroiu.


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