Decathlon is organizing a new edition of the second-hand sports goods Trocathlon between 12 October and 4 November. This is a service that brings together sports lovers to sell their sporting items. The event is also open to those who are interested in a range of more affordable, second-hand products.

Athletic articles from all manufacturers are accepted, not just those purchased from the Decathlon stores. Under the rules, anyone can bring the product they want to sell to the store by setting a price with a Decathlon specialist to increase their chances of selling. The product is stored securely, and the merchandise is sold with a voucher with the value of the sale price. Otherwise, the owner can take it back or donate it to a charitable association. The platform allows you to view all the products brought to the fair with the option of booking or delivery for those who can not reach the store.

Campaign participants, Decathlon, offer free ski and bicycle maintenance under the terms of the rules, which are some of the most sought-after products in the fair.

Last year, Trocathlon sold nearly 5,000 products to over 6,000 customers.

Trocathlon was launched in spring 2010 and is a biannual national event, but also permanently in 6 of Decathlon’s countrywide stores.

In Romania, Decathlon has 22 stores, plus the online platform and logistics center.

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