Wagner Arte launches online store wagnerarteshop.com on Wednesday, November 7, the event to be held at The Institute The Cafe.

From the silence of the inter-war air studio in Cotroceni, Wagner Arte moved, with some of its creations, into the virtual space, where they arranged and decorated their own store – Wagner Arte. They brought precious jewels and hand-painted porcelain collections, but not only: in the Wagnerarteshop.com online store , you are greeted with beautiful, classy elegance and innovation. All of this is the result of Anna Wagner’s fine miniature brush, working alongside her workshop artists and Irina Wagner (sister of the artist) who is in charge of managing this family business.

The ‘Wagner Fine Arts and Tales’ brand was imposed on the stage of Romanian manufactures by the stories on porcelain with classic hand painting techniques. The combination of the rigour of handmade technique – always refined – and the fantasy of the subjects is characteristic of Wagner Arte.

All Wagner Arte products are handmade, piece-piece, with great attention to detail, porcelain hand-painted or decalcoated. For this reason, every object created in the Wagner Arte workshop, even if it is part of a unitary collection, will have its own story and footprint.

You can find them for tea, coffee and coffee in the showroom in Bucharest, Gheorghe Marinescu street no. 4, 1st floor. Wagner Arte visiting program: Monday to Friday, 10.00 – 19.00, Saturday 10.00-14.00.

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