Doctor Ionut Leahu, dental implant specialist and founder of Dr. Leahu Clinic, plans to allocate over 10 million euros in the next three years to expand the network in the country.

“The investment is foreseen for the facilities of the 20 new clinics and for the necessary equipment stock, but it could double if we take into account the acquisitions of buildings,” said Ionut Leahu.

For the development of dentistry services nationwide, Dental Clinic Dr. Leahu puts the foundation of a franchise-based medical partnership system.

“Finally, the patient wants fewer visits to the dentist, complex treatment, quality and lower costs. He wants to know what’s waiting for him, he wants to be as well informed and wants a contact. Given that no one thinks that a single doctor can treat a patient’s problems alone, we challenge the entire dental industry we are looking for experienced or early-stage physicians, as well as entrepreneurs who have accumulated expertise in health, to join with us in a partnership that will raise the quality standards of the dental health system,” said Ionut Leahu.

The partner should manage resources locally and have a minimum capital of 100,000 euros. The rest of the investment, up to € 500,000 to build a new clinic to network standards, is covered by Dr. Leahu Clinics.

Those who will join this partnership will benefit from promotion, purchase of equipment and materials at competitive prices, access to state-of-the-art medical technology and specialization programs.

Seven years after the opening of the first medical unit, which invested 1,500 lei, the doctor built a network of four clinics in Bucharest and one in Pitesti and prepares investments in four other cities in the next half year. Thus, Timisoara will have its own dental clinic Dr. Leahu in the middle of this month, a modern dental center of over 1.1 million euros. In the first half of next year two new clinics will be inaugurated in Bucharest, for which the doctor has allocated 600,000 euros, but also in Cluj, where he invests 1.8 million euros for a Regional Excellence Center with 17 cabinets and one operator block.

30% of those who are scheduled at Dr. Leahu Clinics do not live in Bucharest, and in the summer, the percentage of those who come to the dentist from other localities account for 60% of the total of 1,500 unique patients per month. The development is mainly funded by banks, and resources are allocated in three directions: fitting out, equipments and stock of consumables.

Dr. Leahu Clinics estimate a turnover of 29 million for 2018, up 70% over last year.

“We hope that by 2021, when the network will be 10 years old, we can treat 15,000 unique patients per month in all Dr. Leahu clinics,” the doctor said.

In the long run, he aims to create a research-development area in dentistry and to take clinics out of the country.

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