Christian Tour, the largest charter operator in Romania, has sold holidays for over 3 million Euros for the Romanian Tourism Fair, both at the Romexpo stand and in the country offices and online agencies, where tourists have found packages with the same discounts and under the same conditions as at the fair.

Of the nearly 6,800 people who bought tourist packages from November 15th to 18th, about 80% bought their summer holidays in destinations like Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, Tunisia and Spain.

“The Romanians who buy their holidays at the Tourism Fair organized in November are following an increasingly pronounced tendency in recent years to ensure their summer holidays at lower prices through the Early Entry Schedule, plus extra-discounts on the fair. This explains why the seaside destinations in Greece, Turkey and Egypt lead the top of the most wanted holidays at this fair ,”said Christian Tour Marketing Director Raluca Hatmanu.

As a novelty, in addition to the summer destinations in Greece and Turkey, the preferences of the Romanians also made places in Egypt and Tunisia, to which Christian Tour will operate 11 charter flights in the summer season 2019 from the main airports in the country.

The seaside resorts of Egypt and Tunisia are ideal for families with children, thanks to all-inclusive hotels with many facilities for the little ones as well as for those passionate about culture and history who have the opportunity to visit some of the most fascinating tourist attractions of the world such as the Pyramids of Cairo or Carthage in Tunisia ,” added the tour operator.

Moreover, the cultural circuits in Tunisia, not just the beach holidays, were searched during the Tourism Fair, the destination being the top 3 of the most demanded programs in this category. The ranking was completed by Serbia-Montenegro-Croatia and the Nordic countries-Baltic countries.

During the trade, exotic holidays were also reserved, Dominican Republic, Thailand and Dubai being the most sought after for beach holidays, while China, Vietnam and Peru were sought after for cultural circuits. The most expensive package sold in the four days of the deal was a circuit in Brazil, for which two people paid just over 7,000 euros.











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