Microsoft Romania, Oracle Romania and Zitec occupy the top three positions in the top of the best employers in Romania, being among the most valued companies by employees. The top was based on the ratings expressed by the users of the platform, the largest online community of Romanian employees.

In contrast to 2017, Microsoft Romania climbs to the top of the list; Oracle drops second, and Zitec has a remarkable climb to third place in the top of employers, a position occupied last year by IBM Romania.

The top employers (2018) nationwide, regardless of the field of activity

  1. Microsoft Romania – IT & C
  2. Oracle Romania – IT & C
  3. Zitec – IT & C
  4. METRO SYSTEMS Romania – IT & C
  5. IBM Romania – IT & C
  6. Nobel – IT & C
  7. ING Romania – Banks / Financial Institutions
  8. HP Inc. – BPO & Services
  9. Endava – IT & C
  10. Orange Romania – Telecommunications

 The Top of Employers (2018) at national level, by field of activity

Banks / Financial Institutions

  1. ING Romania
  2. Raiffeisen Bank
  3. Banca Transilvania
  4. BCR – Romanian Commercial Bank
  5. BRD – Groupe Societe Generale


BPO & Services

  1. HP Inc.
  2. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  3. Genpact Romania
  4. Accenture Romania
  5. Stefanini Romania



  1. Kaufland Romania
  2. Lidl Romania
  3. Carrefour Romania
  4. Auchan Romania
  5. Mega Image



  1. EY Romania
  2. KPMG Romania
  3. Deloitte Romania
  4. PwC Romania
  5. EOS KSI Romania



  1. Microsoft Romania
  2. Oracle Romania
  3. Zitec
  4. METRO SYSTEMS Romania
  5. IBM Romania



  1. Continental Automotive Group Romania
  2. Emerson Romania
  3. Honeywell Romania
  4. Autoliv Romania
  5. OMV Petrom


Working environment, salary offerings, quality and scale of projects, collegiality, work schedule, headquarters, management – are just some of the criteria analyzed by Romanian employees to determine the top 2018 employers.

The evaluations were collected during 2018 from over 350,000 candidates who visit Monthly – a platform dedicated to all Romanian employees.

All employee ratings are completely anonymous, can be left at least six months apart and can only target the companies they worked or recruited. 

Top of the best employers is a ranking made public annually by the largest online community of Romanian employees.

” Anyone who listens to the Romanian employers’ speech or HR representatives has, in the last year, noticed that it has changed. New employee waves relate differently to jobs they have and change perceptions even among past generations. For this reason, we believe, in 2018 employers were more concerned about the way and the constancy with which they communicate with the labor market. We face a labor crisis in many industries, and employers conclude that the differentiating factor can no longer be salary, but organizational culture. And communication of organizational culture can not only be done by the company, but by those who live it, ie the employees. Therefore, this year’s top is the voice of the employees of the most audacious companies in the market“- said Costin Tudor, founder of the platform. is the largest online community of Romanian employees, with more than 350,000 potential employees on the platform and over 200,000 contributions left by users about their companies, job interviews or salary offers.

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