McDonald’s is opening three more restaurants in Romania this year and is planning to open about seven restaurants per year. Daniel Boaje, CEO of Premier Restaurants Romania, the local branch of the Maltese company in charge of the McDonald’s restaurants, spoke to OZB Magazine about the company’s plans for 2019 regarding the Romanian market, also about the success of the fast-food concept in youth’s ranks. He offered us premiere details about how McDonald’s is making itself more appealing to customers.  

“There are currently 75 McDonald’s restaurants in Romania. Our priority is set on developing the chain of restaurants, so our development plans are ambitious, and by the end of the year, we will have 78 restaurants. Simultaneously, we also have 31 McCafés countrywide”, Daniel Boaje told us.

The company will end 2018 with eight new McDonald’s restaurants.

“We are sticking to our ambitious plan and high rhythm of development, so that the following years we can estimate that we will open approximately seven McDonald’s restaurants, yearly. Furthermore, we plan redesigning about five restaurants a year, so that by 2020, we can expect to finish the remodelling process and the introduction of the digital operating system called “Experience of the Future” in all of the McDonald’s restaurants across Romania, a system meant to simplify the interaction of customers in our restaurants”, he adds.

In 2017, the company generated a turnover of 687 million lei (e.n. roughly EUR 149 million) and a profit of 79 million lei.

“Because we have big plans and will end the year with eight new McDonald’s restaurants in Romania, in 2018 we expect to overcome the growth rate of 2017”, Daniel Boaje stated. McDonald’s sells daily 130,000 portion of fries, which means about 50 million servings of fries sold annually in Romania.

“In the past 23 years, we sold over 70 million Big Mac burgers in Romania, and, yet from the inauguration of the first McDonald’s restaurant in Romania, Big Mac is one of the most popular products on the menu. Fries are also very appreciated by our visiting customers, and annually we sell about 50 million servings”, said Daniel Boaje.

He also shared with us some interesting figures about the numbers of toys distributed by the chain of restaurants.

“I must begin with an interesting fact, which most people probably don’t know: McDonald’s is the largest toys supplier in the world. We are annually selling a number of roughly seven million Happy Meals, which means over seven million toys.”

We also asked him about the reason behind the boom of the fast-food phenomenon, especially in the ranks of the youth.

“I think that the diversity and quality of our products and their incomparable taste, which can only be found at McDonald’s are some of the reasons that make young people return to us. We always accomplish their wishes, and know what they need, that’s why we constantly come up with innovative solutions to making things simpler for them in our restaurants. This is why last year we set forth digital command kiosks and our McDonald’s app, and just a while ago we introduced the McDelivery service, which is operational in 40 restaurants across the country, specifically to reach were our customers need us”.

McDonald’s recently introduced three new limited edition Centennial hamburgers, made with local ingredients from locally inspire recipes.

“Each one contains new ingredients, some of them being presented for the first time in our restaurants. It is important to us to come up with new products each year, because the customers’ preferences are constantly changing, and we want to keep up with whatever they want. Coming to McDonald’s, you can always find some new product at the McCafé, a new type of burger of salad, a new variety of dessert and all sorts of surprises for all the tastes. Innovation can also be found in our kitchen, that’s why why never step back from introducing new products and surprising our clients with every visit they pay us”, said Boaje.

“In the past years our offer included McMici, papanasi (e.n.:”mici”- traditional Romanian dish made up of minced meat and local herbs and spices, specifically for barbequeing; ”papanasi” is also a Romanian dish consisting of multiple large doughnuts with jam or ice cream dressing), vegan burgers or salads or novel ingredients, such as blue cheese or salmon. All of the products we sell are previously tested with our customers and we never take strategic decisions without ensuring that our products are approved by our customers”, he concluded.

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