40 of the largest architecture offices have founded the Association of Romanian Architecture Companies (Demo)

More than 40 of the largest architectural offices in Romania joined together to create the Association of Romanian Architecture Companies – ASAR, an entity whose priority is to collaborate with the organizations and institutions involved in the development process of the built space, in order to ensure a normal climate in this area.

“A significant percentage of GDP is generated by the real-estate market. All 42 ASAR founding architectural offices have a long experience in the field of complex architecture and project management. We are convinced that by working together with architects’ organizations, authorities and developers we can consolidate the Romanian architecture industry”, said Dorin Stefan, founder of the DSBA Architecture Office and ASAR spokesman.

ASAR, through its over 40 founding members, experienced architects and architectural companies from Bucharest and the country, will be involved in the transformation of the real estate industry in Romania. At present ASAR is in process of expansion, being open to all architectural offices that share the association’s principles. ASAR supports the sustainable development of Romania, an essential component of this development being high quality architecture that respects heritage values ​​and is executed on solid professional and technological bases.

The Association aims to collaborate with the professional organizations of architects, the Union of Architects in Romania and the Order of Architects in Romania, with other professional associations in construction design, as well as architectural universities, being a group that supports and s legislative changes and public policies needed to improve the climate in the built space.

ASAR’s immediate objectives are building a partnership with central and local authorities – parliament, government, institutions and agencies, county and local councils, mayors and chief architects, based on professionalism, competence and common objectives. ASAR also supports the necessary urgent legislative changes to ensure the correlation and harmonization of existing legislation as well as the elimination of gaps in construction field (design, authorization, execution).

In order to achieve these goals, ASAR has set out to support, in the law-making process, industry specialists, professional associations and employers’ associations who can identify real issues in the field and generate viable solutions. In addition, ASAR supports the promotion of economic realities as a basic criterion in the decisions of the legislator, thus harmonizing the norms with the economic power of Romania. In this regard, ASAR aims to work with the two architectural professional associations, OAR as a representative of the architecture profession and UAR as a creative union, in order to complement and develop their activities.

Photo credit – stiridecluj.ro


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