The French Film Festival (Demo)

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the events in May ’68 and The French Film Festival will remember it by doing its own little revolution: sun, music and protest. Documentaries and feature films from the era will be screened, as they were an important influence on the French cinematography at large.

The festival hosts a competition dedicated to young film makers creating their first or second feature film. You will see six new films that the organizers believe will bring a new vitality to the French cinematography and the directors will be there to talk about their creations. As usual, everybody is invited to vote for the Public’s Award, supporting the winner with distribution and screening throughout the country.

For the fifth consecutive year, the festival is partnering with the reputable film magazine Cahiers du cinéma and the focus will be on the actor’s personality and group work inside theatre companies, the boundary between theatre stage and the big screen becoming very dim.

A full, rich programme for this year’s festival. You can see more about it here.


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