5 To Go opens the first coffee shop with DRIVE THRU on DN1 (Demo)

5 To Go, the largest chain of cafes in Romania and Eastern Europe, launches the first drive thru of the group and the first and only pit stop of its kind on a national road, the café being on DN1 Bucharest – Brasov. 

At KM 103 in the town of Nistoreşti, a well-known area for traffic jams and car columns, the most lovable Romanian brand of cafes, 5 to go, comes up against the problem with a drive through thru drive but also a generous seating area inside the location.

“Whether you are just passing and you want to buy a coffee quickly, whether you want to make a stop, a pit stop, the new 5 To Go franchise launched on DN1 Bucharest-Brasov at KM 103 is an opportunity for disconnection and relaxation”, says Radu Savopol, co-founder of 5 To Go.

5 to go Drive Thru in the Nistoreşti area will shortly offer its customers and the opportunity to load their electric car through the interchange of a power station for electric cars or hybrids.

“After a brief analysis of the market and the area, we came to the conclusion that a power station for cars is more than necessary on DN1 Bucharest-Brasov. As the 5 To Go policy is aimed at environmental protection, we decided to implement this power station, thus welcoming the responsible consumption of energy and natural resources”, says Radu Savopol, co-founder 5 To Go.

With this new release, 5 to go ticks a premiere on the HoReCa market in Romania, the new location being the first coffee shop with a drive through a national road (DN1) and at the same time 5 to go become the first chain of cafes with 85 locations on the territory of the country.

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