Summer by the Lake – Snagov Club (Demo)

If you feel like leaving the hustle and bustle of the capital behind, but you still want to enjoy 5 stars services and pampering, you don’t have to go far. The Nature Reserve Lake Snagov, on the outskirts of Bucharest is home not only to 171 protected species, but also to Snagov Club, a versatile and impressive place.



Snagov Club is an excellent location for corporate events. The exterior terraces and the lake vicinity will guarantee a pleasant environment and the Versailles Garden is the ideal place for outside activities. If extravagance is what you want, the Pool Bar is available for games or activities that will energize participants. Team building activities, wine tastings and outdoor cooking are also among the activities the club can organise.

The hotel has a capacity of 22 comfortable and spacious rooms, disposed on two floors with a refined design and luxury furbishing, a Lake Pavilion (up to 250 seats), the Pier (up to 100 seats), the Versailles Garden, the Venetian Restaurant, the British Salon (40 seats) and the French Salon. There is also a SPA Center, a Game Salon and a Minigolf Course available for guests and visitors, but these are not the only activities available. At Snagov Club you can also rent bikes and kayaks, go for a boat ride, go on eco-tourism circuits or attend traditional crafts workshops. 



The staff of professionals with over 30 years of experience are ready to assist you in putting together a menu and organizing an event to impress even the most demanding guests. The club is available for corporate and private events and the staff can even help with transporting guests from Bucharest to the airport and back. Due to their independent technical facilities, the restaurants, the pavilion, the garden and the pool bar can equally function as locations for such events, together or independently, depending on the number of participants and type of event.

There is always so much more to things than meets the eye, the Snagov area and the Snagov Club are great for exploring and enjoying. When the heat of summer is upon the city, remember to follow the breeze and go to this place for your share of freshness–it’s not that far and worth every minute. 

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