Letting the Light Through. Hand Painted Porcelain (Demo)

Wagner Arte started in 2005 when artist Ana Wagner released to the public her hand painted porcelain cups and teapots for the first time, in a little shop on Carol I Boulevard. Her sister Irina Wagner was by her side as business manager, after leaving behind a corporate job, and they’ve worked together ever since. OZB met the sisters in the Wagner Arte showroom in Cotroceni, a bright place, sunny and brimming with artworks.

By Ada Popescu


One of the latest collections, “Deep in the heart of the garden”, signed by painter Vadim Crețu was the centrepiece in the first room, with beautifully painted birds on white porcelain. Aligned to the design world’s good customs, Wagner Arte has started collaborations with other artists, for an enhanced creative experience, artists such as painter Ștefan Câlția–who was not only the teacher of Vadim Crețu but Ana Wagner’s teacher too, when she was a student at the National Arts University in Bucharest. 

Wagner Arte keeps developing and adapting to both the economical environment, such as the 2008 crisis, and the particularities of their public in Romania–a little more challenging that the one outside the country. A more planned development seems possible nowadays, compared to a more organic one as it was in the early days.  


During the first years, interior design products followed the tableware collections and the brand kept growing around the central, signature style of hand painting the translucent, noble material. The carefully crafted tableware became known and coveted, so much so that brands such as Mini, Peroni, Dior, Wella, Carrefour, Vichy, to name a few, ordered special collections.


The latest collection however is about jewelry, a branch that the artist naturally explored over the past few years due to her love for miniature painting. The new collection, launched on June 6th, is called The Journey.Childhood and is about revisiting the early years and the feeling of unconditional love, an exploration using symbols such as the Circle, the House, the Sphere, the faceted Stone, the Heart.



Today, the Wagner Arte showroom area is home not only to many wonderful and delicate artworks that you can admire and buy, but you can also go there for a porcelain painting class, to try something new in a welcoming environment and company. 

To find out more about this outstanding art and all the collections visit www.wagnerarte.ro

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