Dental Excellence (Demo)

Dr. Irina Gavrilut has been practicing general dentistry for 11 years, with a close approach to the “Hollywood Smile” concept, along with oral implantology and facial aesthetics. She graduated from Carol Davila University Bucharest.

Why did you choose this career?
I chose this career because, growing up as a kid, I was always fascinated everytime I went to the dentist. The equipment seemed cool and the dentist always made it a fun experience.

When did you open New Dental Clinic?
We officially opened New Dental on the December 1 st 2014, on Romania’s National Day, after 8 years of private practice.

Who are New Dental’s patients and why do they come to the clinic?
At New Dental we have patients of all ages, from 5 to 80. Generally anyone who needs a simple check up to people who have had serious problems and traumas. Our patients are willing to solve all their dental problems  without going in several different places.

What made you open New Dental?
I wanted to create a brand that people can trust, to create an experience that people will benefit from and to feel that their dental health is well taken care of.

Is there a big difference between a doctor and a businessman /woman?

A doctor is a people person. He/she is focused on fixing someone’s health problems. A businessman / woman is focused on building partnerships with clients. Having the right balance helps create a successful person. After finishing the medical studies you really need to develop business management skills, to be able to know how to grow your business one day, especially when in Romania a dentist can work only in the private sector.

Which are the secrets to success in Romanian medical private practice?

The secret is to work hard, network and collaborate with the right specialists, build partnerships and focus on patients needs and desires. It is also important to use the best materials and equipment, to invest in the latest technology in order to have the best results, to give the best medical services. You need to constantly attend dental meetings and conferences.

Which is the most difficult part for a businessman / woman in Romania?

There are no difficulties, only challenges. One of these challenges is finding the right people who embrace your vision. We want to expand in the near future, with the possibility of opening another clinic. We will create conditions to treat more patients, on the logistic and medical levels. We want our dentists to be challenged everyday. We want to display our talent.

Which are your hobbies?
I like to travel, to see the world, to meet people from different countries, to get to know other cultures.

Describe one day of yours:
I don’t have two days that look alike, every day is a new challenge. I really like what I am doing, so I don’t see dentistry as a job, it’s more like a passion.



How do you like your coffee ? American.
What’s your favorite app ? Shazam.
Name 3 things you always carry with you. Phone, Tic-Tac, small perfume.
What’s your favorite place in Bucharest ? New Dental.
How did you spend your last holiday ? Visiting 3 countries in one week.
What newspapers/magazines do you read ? Nothing in particular.
What colour is your kitchen ? White.
Name 3 favorite hobbies. Traveling, drawing, shopping.
The most important person in your life is…? Jesus.
What is your favorite car ? The safest one.
If you wouldn’t have your actual career/job, what would you like to do (as a career/job) ? The same.
What do you like best about Romania ? Having mountains and seaside in one place.


Photo: Sorin Stana

Location: Stejarii Country Club

Outfits: Laura Hincu

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