100 objects of Romanian design – an unprecedented exhibition and e-museum (Demo)

The first historical archive of the Romanian design is launched at MATER on 24 October.

What about the last 100 years in design?

For the first time in Romania, the association Nod Makerspace builds a project as bold as it is useful: Romanian design history from 1918 onwards.

100 objects of Romanian design is the name of the exhibition and the e-museum that will be launched in Bucharest on October 24 at MATER . After months of research and archiving, the multidisciplinary team has put together the past 100 years of Romanian design – a special, authentic field, grown in an intense and sometimes bizarre social and political context.

Reghin skis, Guban shoes, Dardarlat hats, Cisnadie carpets, Cobra computers, Aurel Perşu car – the first aerodynamic car – are just some of the unusual and evocative objects that marked technological breakthroughs and important stages of Romanian history in the last century. Design enthusiasts will discover copies and stories in the digital archive – an invitation to explore and a resource for professionals.

“The exhibition aims to create a small short circuit between old and new, only to restore a stronger link between collective imagination and new local initiatives. The more we understand how the design has been transformed and how its evolution has been modeled, the more we have a set of knowledge to meet today’s needs, “ says Andra Giuglea , coordinator of the research team.

The exhibition brings some of the objects present in the digital archive and will be open to the public between October 24 and November 4 at MATER – the material library. Since November , the collection will travel to Europe with a first stop in Serbia in Novi Sad.

“100 Romanian design objects” is not a closed collection – it’s just a beginning. The project aims to update the Romanian design circuit and the natural course of local creativity. Come to explore and contribute to the first Romanian design archive.

Address: MATER – Materials Library, Splaiul Unirii nr 160, ground floor

October 24 – November 4

Visit schedule: Monday – Sunday, 10am – 7pm

Free entrance.


The 100 project of Romanian design objects is an initiative of Nod Makerspace – a multidisciplinary creative group that created the first makerspace in Romania and the first material library in South East Europe. 


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