Fun facts from “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”

A new story with the delightful Clara, which sets off in a fantastic adventure in the world of the Four Realms, has taken shape at Disney Studios with the help of a super-production team that has overwhelmed challenges and fun to give life bizarre characters, and a whole world out of the ordinary.

The fantastic film “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” is distributed by Forum Film Romania and will premiere in cinemas on November 30, 2018, in 3D (subtitled and dubbed) format.

Here are some funny details about production


The music box received by Clara was inspired by the Fabergé eggs, being very delicate created by the designer Guy Hendrix Dyas and made manually during 10 weeks of work. There were two variants that did not open, and two others were used for stunts. The inside of the box hides a small mirror.


The missing key , which needed Clare to open the music box, and which is, in fact, the symbol of entering the world of the Four Realms, is original, the teeth having a special configuration that, with the help of small magnets, allows them to rotate in star shape once the key is inserted into the frog. There were created 20 keys in total, four different sizes.


There are three major ornithological reasons in the film : the owl, the swan and the peacock. The owl is a kind of locator for Drosselmeyer, the swans symbolize Clare’s mother, and the peacocks are a tribute to her.


Three Christmas trees are used in the film, one 2.5 meters in the Clare family house, the second 5.5 meters at the Drosselmeyer party (played by Morgan Freeman) and the third 6.5 meters, totally spectacular and magical, in the world of the Four Realms.


Sweet and very sweet is the emergence of the Fondation Fable (played by Keira Knightley), who runs the Sweet Land, and wearing a metallic organza dress, crystal-meshed satin-mesh and silk.


Most characters in the movie wear spectacular wigs , the only one whose natural hair appears on the screen being Clara (played by actress Mackenzie Foy).


The film also abounds in ugly creatures, the most prominent character of this type being the King of Mice, a monster of 60,000 mice, whose movements are inspired by Lil Buck’s dance style, namely Charles Riley, who gave it to this character ballet.


Special lights can be found at the party hosted by Drosselmeyer, a passionate traveler and an amateur scientist in whose lab we find a very special bulb. Although the entire film abounds with light, sun, chandeliers and opulence, Drosselmeyer’s laboratory alone is the only light source. This image refers to Thomas Edison’s invention of 1879, the year in which the film takes place, and conveys the idea that Drosselmeyer, an eccentric of the times, is among the first to have a newly invented light bulb.


Mother Ginger (interpreted by Helen Mirren), perhaps the most bizarre character of the film, is inspired by a sweet ginger character from a ballet. The producers have decided to put on this frightening creature, driven out of the other realms, and which runs a scarlet-lined area with an enormous skirt from a circus tent that gives it a comic, puppet note. The puppet image was created by special effects, Mother Ginger appearing as a 12 meter high doll.


The film is directed by Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston and produced by Mark Gordon and Larry Franco, following a script signed by Ashleigh Powell, inspired by ETA Hoffmann’s original story.

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