A Call to Our Readers and Supporters (Demo)

OZB is a joy to make and an even greater one to share. But in these trying times, sustaining print media has become increasingly difficult. This spring, we are launching a fundraising effort aimed at maintaining the feasibility of OZB Magazine.

In the next few weeks we will launch a video and an online campaign in conjunction with our new partners at Cine Impact to complement this humble plea for support. Please like and follow OZB on Facebook. Below you will see our donation button.

We are aiming to raise 30,000 Euros, enabling us to print six more magazines through the fall and also allow us to generate some first class film content for our website so that we can expand our “Celebrating Romania” mission to include short, beautiful visual  stories that will complement and enhance our magazine, web presence, and partners. 

OZB’s aim is to celebrate the best of Romania, informing, educating and entertaining our readers in the process. For three years now our features have included wonderful tales of people, places, of events, of food and wine, of art, music, books and beasts, mountains, fountains, history, mystery, fashion and philanthropy. And all of it, as with this mag in your hands, beautifully presented with great writing, wonderful photography and cutting edge design. And free! You can always pick up a copy at over one hundred different points around Bucharest, and we print 2,000 per month. 

The OZB team is a mixture of international people – Romanians who have lived abroad, worked abroad, studied abroad and returned to their homeland; Romanians who have always been here and always will; and international people – an American and a Scot – who are very happy to have made Romania their home. 

We have a global perspective, international standards and we are rooted in Romania and we are dedicated to digging up interesting, unusual stories that paint a picture of modern Romania that speaks to what we see all around us – a colourful, vibrant, dynamism, fresh and confident and optimistic about what the future holds. 

We hope you share our vision. If you do, then please help us by supporting our magazine and spreading the word.       

Thank you.


The OZB Magazine Team

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