A Delicious Dessert on the Terrace (Demo)

Set in the heart of the city, overlooking the famous Calea Victoriei Boulevard, La Strada by Athénée Palace Hilton is your everyday escape from the hectic rhythm of city life. The terrace offers the peace and charm of a green oasis during daytime and a beautiful alfresco appeal during evenings. From the cozy pergola appointed with cushions and the comfy outdoor seating, to the large sun umbrellas and colourful flowers, the entire venue spreads vibes of comfort and ease. Serving refreshing drinks from the moss-decorated bar, or a delicious dessert from the new summer menu, you can be sure that the venue will help you relax and revive.

This season, the terrace will entice you with delicious fresh desserts, such as the tempting Summer Delight presented by Mihaela Dima, the Pastry Chef of Athénée Palace Hilton hotel.

The dessert is made of raspberry sauce, cheese cream and granola cereals, and decorated with fresh strawberries.




Raspberry Sauce: 100g of boiled raspberries, passed through the sieve in order to keep the puré smooth, without seeds.

Cream cheese: 150g of cream cheese mixed with 10g of honey and a drop of vanilla extract.

Granola cereals: a mix of 300g of oatmeal, 50g of quinoa seeds, 50g of flax seeds, 50g of black sesame, 100g of sunflower seeds, and 150g of pumpkin seeds that are cooked at 150 degrees. Add 150g of partially dehydrated cranberries, 50g of honey heated at 56 degrees, and 25g of coconut oil.



This dish is extremely practical and easy to make, perfect for a beautiful summer afternoon. The raspberries can also be used fresh, but for this dessert we chose the sauce in order to have no seeds. Raspberry and sugar are placed into a pot on a small fire, just enough to get mixed together, and then through a sieve in order to have the seeds removed. Only after the sauce gets cold we add it at the bottom of the bowl.

Next comes the cheese cream: In a bowl, weigh the honey and the amount of cheese cream with a drop of vanilla extract, and then mix them with a palette in order to get a homogeneous composition.

Last but not least, the granola is as a real delight for your taste buds. The mixture of seeds offers a clean and natural taste. The seeds are to be placed in the oven for 12 minutes at a temperature of 140 degrees, just enough to dry them a little, not to fry them, so as to keep the properties in their natural state. The cranberries are not to be put in the oven, as they are already dehydrated on the outside and moist on the inside; we mix them all in a bowl. The secret of granola cereals consists in the idea of being crisp outside and moist inside.


The bowl decoration

Add the raspberry sauce at the bottom of the bowl and leave it in the freezer for 15 minutes just to make a little crust. Then add the cream cheese with a piping nozzle without smudging the bowl, and leave it in the refrigerator. The granola is added in the bowl where we prior had included the cream and the sauce, only upon serving it, so as to keep a crispy top. Ideally for such a dessert is to have a flavoured sauce, a cream for merging and something crispy. Then feel free to decorate the bowl with fresh strawberries, cranberries, blueberries or other deliciously colourful fresh fruits to delight your guests.  


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