A fresh new season for Roberto’s on La Strada Terrace on Calea Victoriei (Demo)

Athénée Palace Hilton hotel announces the opening of its summer terrace, Roberto’s on La Strada, the place to relax & unwind after a work day, to hangout & socialize on a Friday evening, to revive & recharge on a weekend afternoon.


“Our focus for this summer is to attract both local people and our hotel’s guests, that is why we refreshed the concept with trendy uniforms, simple yet robust-flavoured menu options, summer beverages and local wines, making it the perfect setting to grab a bite to eat and enjoy good conversations”, said Antonio Micali, Food & Beverage Manager Athénée Palace Hilton.

Set in the heart of the city, overlooking the famous Calea Victoriei Boulevard, Roberto’s on La Strada at Athénée Palace Hilton is your everyday escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The terrace offers the peace and charm of a green oasis during daytime and has a beautiful alfresco appeal during evenings. From the cosy pergola appointed with cushions and the comfy outdoor seating, to the large sun umbrellas and purple flowers, the entire venue spreads vibes of comfort and ease. Serving refreshing drinks from the moss-decorated bar, or a delicious dessert from the new summer menu, you can be sure that the venue will help you relax and revive.

Delicious summer bites & drinks

This season, the terrace will entice you with a menu built around the Green Egg BBQ, a superb cooking artefact that is a cross between a grill and a wood-fired oven. The centrepiece of our new menu is the 1.2 Kg Tomahawk steak of dry-aged Irish beef, but if your appetite is not up to this task, our chefs will also be cooking Argentine Lomo (fillet steak) and a spring chicken marinated with Italian herbs, and of course the house special edition Roberto’s On La Strada Beef Burger. For fish lovers we are also grilling swordfish steaks and king prawns.

“The Green Egg is such a delightful grill to cook on, that made the whole kitchen team go back to basics and focus on the beauty of great ingredients, simply cooked on the grill. We have also developed an exotically flavoured BBQ sauce that is just addictive!” said Franz Conde, Executive Chef of Athénée Palace Hilton.

The new menu also includes a variety of appealing starters with international & local influence, such as the Italian Carpaccio or the Greek-style grilled octopus, the Romanian cheese and charcuterie platter or the Crispy Seafood Cornetto.

Roberto’s On La Strada Classics such as the traditional pizzas, the Caesar salad and Club sandwich will also be served, alongside a selection of summer desserts and Italian ice cream. To cool down during a hot summer’s day, guests can choose a fresh lemonade or a cold beer, and during evenings they can relax with a glass of prosecco, a cocktail or a gin & tonic, or choose a local wine from the beverage list.

Guests are welcomed to find out more about all our dishes and ingredients by asking our waiters. For further information about Roberto’s On La Strada or to book a table, contact us at +4 0731 305 777.


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