Ana Hotels Opens The Techirghiol Mud Treatment Facility In Europa Complex (Demo)

Ana Hotels marks a new premiere in Romania by inauguration of an external salt treatment facility with Techirghiol mud, within the Ana Hotels Europa complex in Eforie Nord. The new spa area will expand the current Ana Aslan Health Spa center and will offer highly valuable natural therapies from a medical point of view to 4-star quality standards. 

The investment started six months ago and has reached about 1.2 million euros, consisting of several spaces serving the most diverse therapeutic needs.

Sapropelic sludge of Techirghiol is known from antiquity for therapeutic anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunological properties, anti-pain and relieve joint mobility or reduce muscle contractions. From degenerative rheumatologic diseases, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, spondylites, orthopedic, gynecological, and to post-surgical or neurological peripheral adherence processes, Techirghiol’s “black gold” produces notable and clinically proven effects.

The new spa area includes a Techirghiol’s generous salt water therapy pool, a special area for massage procedures, a sludge application area, a special sludge cleaning area (bath tubs and showers) and a stylish relaxation space in the sun on the sun loungers.

The therapeutic program in this area is designed to last about 3 hours, so the daily program accommodating 3 series, the entrance to the treatment area can be from 9-9:30, 12-12: 30 and 15-15: 30, each up to 36 people.

Prices are differentiated between guests staying in the hotel and those outside the complex, to the advantage of the former. Prices start from 11 eur /22 eur for 3 hours, 29 eur /59 eur for full day access and full 6 day therapies (55 eur /110 eur).