Andrew Noble, New Ambassador of Great Britain to Romania (Demo)

The new British Ambassador to Romania is HE Mr. Andrew Noble. The diplomat knows our country quite well, considering that between 1983 and 1986 he served as secretary II, respectively secretary III of the United Kingdom Embassy in Bucharest.

During his career he also served on diplomatic missions in Germany, Greece and South Africa. Before being appointed ambassador to Romania, he represented his country in Algeria. Andrew Noble is married, being the father of four children. Former British Ambassador to Bucharest, Paul Brumell, ended his diplomatic mission in our country last month.

“We are working together with the Romanian Government for a new strategic partnership between the UK and Romania. We already have a partnership but it needs to be upgraded and modernized for the concerns of today.We need a strategic partnership that responds to the challenges, especially from the new Europe and I certainly refer to the Brexit issue, which will be very important not only during this negotiation period, (…) in Brussels. Europe has many concerns in terms of its security and prosperity and Brexit can not be an event with negative consequences on Romanian, British or European interests. I have as the main task to discuss with the Romanian Government what will be the most suitable details for the new relationship that will exist between Romania and Great Britain within the framework of the Romanian Europe,” said Andrew Noble, in his first press conference since taking office as Ambassador of Great Britain to Bucharest.

At the same time, he specified that Romanians in the UK have no reason to be concerned about Brexit.

“I do not think they have reason to worry, but I understand the human reaction they have. The British government was very clear and the negotiations about the position of the Romanian citizens in the UK were very good. I understand why they are nervous, also many British people are,” said Andrew Noble, saying he trusts that the situation will be” very satisfactory “with regard to this” complicated process “represented by Brexit.

Here is the message of HE Mr. Andrew Noble especially for OZB Magazine’s readers.


My Fellow British Citizens in Romania


As some of you might already have seen, I have arrived in Romania to take over the role of British Ambassador which Paul Brummell has so ably performed for the last few years. I am in the process of completing my arrival formalities with the President and the Romanian Government but I hope to be fully functioning.

This is my second posting to Romania, having lived here from 1983-86 in the Ceausescu years. I am bowled over by the extent of the change in this country, and have already seen something of the contributions made by Brits in Romania since 1989. I hope that my wife, Helen, and I will have the chance to meet as many of you as possible during our time here.

I know that managing the effects of Brexit on your lives and businesses in Romania is a huge preoccupation for you all. I undertake to set up meetings in major centres throughout Romania during the autumn, when you can tell me personally what is troubling you and we cam ensure that information, as it becomes available, is flowing well. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch, if there is something you think the Embassy can help you with. My email address is [email protected].


With all good wishes,

Andrew Noble.


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