“Art is a Blood Donor” by Alina Cioară until May 31 (Demo)

NeoGalateca  shop, the extension of Galateca Gallery, was also open until late last weekend, May 19/20, when “The Remains of the Feast” exhibition was inaugurated.





Among the many paintings, porcelain pots and other catchy design objects, a temporary site specific installation proved impossible to ignore – it will be there until May 31.

Art is a Blood Donor by Alina Cioară, curated by Antigona Silvia Rogozea, is a simple and powerful installation, depicting a red painting that drips a red liquid flowing from the gallery window to the street pavement, with separate round “drops” – red stickers that present details of the installation and symbolise blood cells.


Artist Alina Cioară


The artist studied in Timișoara and Metz and, in 2007, participated in a research and creative project at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. She has exhibited her photography, engravings and installations in galleries across Europe.

This is Alina’s first solo installation in Bucharest and it was created as a dialogue with the Art Safari pavillion across the street, proposing a reflection on the concept of art as prey, forceful presence, but yet still exotic to general audiences.” The installation is also inviting people to look at art as a crucial part of our lives, as vital as the blood within us all.


Cover photo via www.instagram.com/galateca/

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