Art Safari – Double Anniversary (Demo)

This year is an anniversary edition for Art Safari – 5th year for the considerable event open at George Enescu square until May 20, from 12:00 to 9:00 (on Saturday until midnight).



It’s a double anniversary if you consider the Centenary of Romania, something they have indeed considered and which is reflected throughout the four exhibitions showcasing classic and contemporary artists, curated by both Romanian and foreign curators.


Moreover, the event has brought to Bucharest four artworks by Constantin Brâncuși, an achievement made possible thanks to a collaboration with Centre Pompidou and thanks to the cooperation of a private collector who loaned one sculpture and who wanted to remain anonymous.


The space of Art Safari, a new, temporary metal structure suitable for events such as this, was designed by Attila Kim, with the main galleries opening towards Calea Victoriei and the National Art Museum.



If you feel tired you can have a drink on the terrace or rest in the Central Pavillion, sitting on The Platform by Daniela Pălimaru which is designed as a playground/installation for kids – so you’re safe, they won’t throw you out for touching this exhibit. The event is even more kid friendly, with guided tours for the small ones and painting workshops to follow, conceived around the information they get during the guide.




Find out more about Art Safari on their website – you might want to look out for the Art Talks too.


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