Artist of the month: Ammar Alnahhas (Demo)

“Each person has two countries” – is Ammar Alnahhas statement now that he has relocated to Romania, coming originally from the ancient, beautiful  and historic country – today divided by civil war – of  Syria.

Upon coming to Romania, he started to find his own ways of expressing his feelings, through painting and sculpture.

Through his many exhibitions since his arrival in Bucharest, Ammar has become much-appreciated by collectors.  His art, in private collection from Europe to the Orient, does not change the way Ammar lives.  He creates with honesty and he has remained modest in his sole.

There is a Mesopotamian touch in his art, those cultural patterns Ammar came with from Syria.  They are now here in South-East Europe with colours of a different land, Romania, and its traditions.

Many of Ammar’s art works painted during his stay in Romania express his nostalgic feelings for the women from his country of  origin, Syria.  Mothers, sisters, and fiances are all represented in his paintings.

Studying art in Syria, Ammar got his BA in Fine Arts from the University of Damascus.  Sice 2003 he has been a member of the Association of the Fine Arts, in Syria.

On the topic of the way he paints, Ammar confesses:  “…Me and my painting talk to each-other.  I never finish a work until we speak.  Meanwhile, spare time for me, is sketching.  I always find myself at home with a piece of paper in my hands.  The sketches I work on are in the good tradition of the sculpture school I’ve been in.  First I am a sculptor, and you can see this while I am sketching.  I always draw as a sculptor, but not as a painter…”.

This could well be the reason why art created by Ammar so fully catches the collector’s eye.  He truly paints… “sculpturally”.

You can find more information about Ammar Alnahhas here –

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