Artist of the Month: Irina Neacșu (Demo)

Irina Neacșu’s latest project was presented at the Botanical Garden of the Bucharest University, between the 17thof May and the 10th of Junethe botanical illustration exhibition named “Life of Bulbs” and it was put together by Renaissance Art Gallery.


Asked what she wanted to show to the public with this exhibition Irina replied simply:


“A watercolour story about the most beloved spring garden flowers; a story of love, time and ephemeral beauty; a story with no beginning and no end.” 




Knowledge, emotion and choice

Irina Neacșu focuses on the botanical realm and she endeavours to acknowledge beauty in all its ages and sharing emotions that go way beyond science.


Irina explains that her watercolour botanical illustrations are an art form that represents plants in their natural scale, 1:1. The artist uses both life size flowers and scientific sketches as the basis of her work. The exhibition brought together the artist’s most recent work and reveals her fascination with the botanical world. The flower portraits illustrate the beauty of flowers in a decorative manner, focusing on observation as admiration and as a state of mind that creates the main access gate towards gratitude and blessing. On an even deeper level, the botanical watercolor paintings talk about the passage of time, about the understanding and acceptance of the withered flowers and the wider meaning of the ephemeral existence and mortality itself.


The artist decided to present each flower in two stages within two separate works in watercolours that took the artist between 20 and 60 hours to produce!



The one on the left presents different stages of a flower before it withers and the one on the right presents the flower or a detail from it after it has withered, when it’s dead according to our normal perception. But the artist Irina Neacșu strives to demonstrate that beauty is everywhere, and a dead flower can be incredibly beautiful even when it’s dead.


The exhibition “Life of Bulbs” was part of Romanian Design Week and it involved 26  botanical illustrations representing flowers. One illustration presents an endangered species of tulip—Fritillaria meleagris (photo above).


Also, the exhibition presented the artist HERBARIUM and T-shirts with graphic prints made by the artist based upon Irina’s botanical art. Both can make great summer presents for your loved ones.




On the last day of the exhibition, Sunday 10th of June, at the “Casa Roșie”Botanical Garden of Bucharest, Irina gave her Masterclass in botanical drawing.  She then packed her works ready for her next exhibition at the Botanical Garden in Cluj.


For more information on Irina Neacșu’s work please contact Oana Vișoiu at: [email protected] or call 0722381325.


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