Artist of the month: Marian Simon (Demo)

Marian Simon is a surrealist graphic artist, formed at the school of great graphic designer Marcel Chirnoaga (Romanian, 1930–2008).

Marian was born in 1968 in Romania and since early childhood he started to draw differently than other children. When he was 5 he created his own play cards where the surreal themes as the Joker appeared.

In 1995, he graduated the Bucharest Art Academy “Nicolae Grigorescu”, the Graphic section, and in 2006 he graduated Philosophy at “Spiru Haret” Academy.  Apart from following the path of his own Master, Marcel Chirnoaga, who graduated simultaneously the Math & Physics and Art Universities, the reason for attending a second University was mainly for him to understand why his drawings are so different than others. The result was not only his own enlighten but also now the public can enjoy reading the texts he creates and that accompany each of his amazing surreal graphic works.

Also, Marian’s brother, who lives now in Israel, is attracted by the surreal and writes surreal poetry under the pseudonym of Simon Jack.

Throughout his professional life, Marian has worked for several major companies (Tabu, Forbes Romania, Promotor), such as art director or graphic designer, and is currently Creative Director at Adevarul Holding.

Since 1997 he started seriously his artist career and has exhibited personal works in several galleries in Romania and abroad (Prague, Barcelona).

“Marian creates his graphics on a canvas using paper and INK and a bit of acryl paint, but what makes his works so special are the different mediums that he applies as a background ……from coffee to red wine….. his art enchants not only the sight but also the other human senses and lets ones imagination work” – Oana Visoiu, Renaissance Art Gallery owner.

1. Oana Visoiu- Owner Renaissance Art Gallery 2. Marius Tita- art critic, founder of art website ArtInfo 3. Oana Amaricai- art critic, specialized on surreal art and founder of Le Grand Baz’Art, France 4. Mircea- Marian’s friend and his dreams provider 5. Marian Simon- surreal graphic artist 6. Anca, Marian’s muse


SAMSARA – a SURREAL GRAPHIC ART, DRESSED IN COFFEE, was exhibited for the first time in May 2017 at Renaissance Art Gallery following that during the summer of 2018 to be exhibited in Sibiu / Transylvania Romania at the Council Tower (“Turnul Sfatului”) being the first ART EXHIBITION to be part of the International Theater Festival in Sibiu (FITS). Details at FITS website. The visual art was accompanied by SURREAL poetry made by Jack Simon from Israel.

The term “samsara” is tightly connected to the notions of “avidya” and “karman”. Samsara designates the circuit of existence in the world according to the formula birth-death-rebirth. The beings are reincarnated according to their past- life deeds and this life is followed by another. This fundamental law of transmigration (samsara) is based on Indian philosophy and religious beliefs.” – Marian Simon

The wash tint of all the artworks in this exhibition is nothing but COFFEE and Marian uses on the coffee background INK with a bit of white acrylic to finalize its 24 graphics of 100×70 cm.

The rest is art, philosophical thought, surreal graphics, coffee and the silence of dreams.


Asking Marian Simon why he chose coffee as the background for SAMSARA he answered:

“I have never been a coffee drinker, but this didn’t stop me for being fascinated with its color, the vintage color of elegance, refinement, the classic, the oneiric, the dream, the subconscious, of psychoanalysis and, ultimately, of surreal art” – Marian Simon, Surreal Graphic Artist represented by Renaissance Art Gallery

Marian Simon is currently working on a new personal surreal graphic art and this time the background will be red wine, so stay tuned and follow Renaissance Art Gallery Facebook and website pages for updates.

For more information on Marian’s work please contact Oana Visoiu at or 0722381325.




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